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Product news and highlights

Find here product news of leading suppliers which visitors could experience at analytica Vietnam 2017. We will inform you about analytica's exhibitor highlights 2017 including detailed information about all suppliers.

Agilent Technologies introduces transformational technology for Gas Chromatography I AGILENT  Technologies
Agilent Intuvo 9000
The Agilent Intuvo 9000 GC makes complex technology easy to use. The new system, especially when coupled with mass spectrometry, is ideal for high-throughput contract laboratories, and for labs dealing with challenging sample matrices in fields such as food, environmental, chemical, pharma and forensics testing. Product Information (PDF, 248 KB)
SONOREX DA 300 – High-power ultrasonic bath for sample preparation I BANDELIN electronic
Bandelin DA300
The SONOREX DA 300 of BANDELIN electronic has not only been developed for cleaning, but specially for sample preparation. The induced ultrasound energy leads to the formation of finest cavation bubbles in the liquid, which open up the sample material by high shear forces. Product information (PDF, 328 KB)
Brabender Moisture Tester MT-CA I Brabender
Brabender MT CA 100
The Brabender Moisture Tester MT-CA uses the drying chamber method (compliant to ISO 712, ICC-Standard Nr. 110/1 etc) and determines the loss in weight of the sample material, which results from drying. Product Information (PDF, 164 KB)
New Display and Operation Concept for the ALPINE Air Jet Sieve e200 LS I HOSOKAWA ALPINE
Hosokawa B 002474
The air jet sieving process developed by HOSOKAWA ALPINE for the separation, fractionation and particle size analysis of fine powders has proven its worth over the decades in a great variety of industrial sectors. Product Information (PDF, 95 KB)
Improved Electroporation using Nucleofector™ Technology by Lonza Bioscience I Lonza Bioscience
A Revolution in Electroporation - The Nucleofector™ Technology, achieve transfection efficiencies up to 99% in primary cells, stem cells and hard to transfect cell lines by dedicated Nucleofector™ Programs and cell type-specific solutions are developed enables nucleic acid substrates delivery not only to the cytoplasm, but also through the nuclear membrane and into the nucleus. Product Information (PDF, 495 KB)
Sarstedt introduces the Screw Cap Micro Tubes in Low binding quality I Sarstedt
To combine the two product benefits – a low binding quality and an especially secure sealing principle – was the reason for adding screw cap micro tubes made from special low protein or low DNA binding polypropylene to the Sarstedt portfolio. This material prevents protein or DNA adhesion to the screw cap micro tube wall without the need for any interfering coating like, for example, silicone. Product Information (PDF, 202 KB)
BRAND Dispensette® S – the new generation makes dispensing even easier! I BRAND
Brand DispensetteS
Dispensing is one of the routine tasks in many laboratories which, above all, should be quick and easy. For the new generation of Dispensette® bottle-top dispensers, BRAND® has further improved the ease of handling in addition to its accuracy and durability. The user will notice the benefits in his daily work. Improved flow of the liquid inside the instrument results in a faster priming – saving valuable time for the user. Product Information (PDF, 463 KB)
SPECTRO Introduces New SPECTROBLUE ICP-OES Analyzer with Powerful New Generator for Ultra-Precise Analysis I SPECTRO Analytical Instruments
SPECTRO Analytical Instruments introduced its latest version of the SPECTROBLUE inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometer (ICP-OES) — updated with a powerful new generator — that brings a new level of performance to routine laboratory analysis in industrial and environmental applications. The new instrument also utilizes revolutionary UV-PLUS gas purification technology, as well as a breakthrough OPI-AIR interface that avoids costly, complicated external water cooling. Product Information (PDF, 343 KB)
The CELLdisc cell culture vessel offers large growth surfaces on a small footprint I Greiner Bio-One GmbH
Greiner Bio-One
Greiner Bio-One, a technology partner for the diagnostic and pharmaceutical industry, presents CELLdisc, a new multilayer cell culture vessel that offers a growth area of up to one square metre for adherent mammalian cells on a minimal footprint. Product Information (PDF, 71 KB)
KNAUER introduces a newly developed refractive index (RI) detector with most up-to-date features I KNAUER
The AZURA RID 2.1L is a sensitive and competitively priced differential refractometer suitable for detecting compounds with little or no UV activity such as alcohols, sugars, lipids or polymers. This instrument is designed for use in analytical HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography) as well as for GPC (gel permeation chromatography) applications. Product Information (PDF, 104 KB)
New Split-Type Tube Furnaces for Horizontal or Vertical Operation up to 1300 °C I Nabertherm GmbH
Nabertherm is pleased to present the new generation of split-type tube furnaces. The RSH-Series comes as tabletop design for horizontal use with integrated controls. The RSV-Series is designed for a vertical operation. The controls are built-in a separate compact cabinet. Product Information (PDF, 46 KB)
Technospex presents uSight - 2000 mounted on Nikon Ci-L Microscope I Technospex
uSight-2000 is specially designed for UV-VIS-NIR reflectance, transmittance and absorbance measurement at microscopic level. This system can be equipped with fluorescence, dark field, bright field, polarization functions for multi-modality imaging, which make it a complete system for laboratories and industries use. Product Information (PDF, 249 KB)
TRAWAS – The Portable Microbiological Laboratory by Wiegand International I Wiegand
Portable Kit for testing raw, recreational and waste water as well as beverages. One box containing everything you need to perform fast water tests on site. TRAWAS is a complete portable microbiological laboratory for testing drinking, recreational and waste water as well as beverages. Product Information (PDF, 277 KB)
BDS offers an extensive panel of high-throughput-compatible CALUX® reporter assays I BioDetection Systems
In combination with our chemical analytical, and DNA-based techniques, our CALUX® bioassays enable a wide range of applications, such as compliance testing, safety assessments, and biological effect profiling. Our assays allow for the sensitive and precise detection of specific biological effects at the cellular level. Product Information (PDF, 728 KB)
Biologix offers complete and systematic solution for biobanking I Biologix
Biologix biobanking
CryoKING, a biobanking brand of Biologix, offers a comprehensive array of biobanking products, including kinds of cryogenic vials, general freezer boxes and racks, scanners, scanner guns, related software; biobanking management software, and more. Product Information (PDF, 296 KB)
TOOLSignal boosting buffer by Biotools I Biotools
TOOLSignal Boosting Buffer shortens experimental time and reduces the use of antibodies without compromising Western Blot signal intensity. Simply incubate this buffer with primary or secondary antibodies without using any blocking buffer (milk or BSA) to obtain effective blocking result. Product Information (PDF, 3.042 KB)
Sundy SDAC6000 Bomb Calorimeter – accurate and reliable rest results I Sundy
Sundy SDAC6000 Bomb Calorimeter
SUNDY calorimeter can be used to determine the calorific value of solid and liquid combustibles such as coal, coke, petroleum oil, cement black meal, biomass fuels as well as building material. SDAC6000 has fully automatic oxygen filling & releasing, fully automatic bomb raising & lowering and the full test process is less than 10 minutes. Product Information (PDF, 212 KB)
PTWS 820D - Tablet Dissolution Bath I Pharma Test
A tablet dissolution test simulates the availability of active substance and allows the prediction of the time for complete release of the material from the dosage form. The PTWS 820D is an 8 position, single drive compact dissolution testing instrument for solid dosage forms as described in USP and EP Pharmacopeia.   Product Information (PDF, 267KB)

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