• analytica

Reliable organizers and supporters

analytica Vietnam is part of an impressive network of organizer and supporters. Together we achieve more and increase your trade-fair success.

  • Organizers
    Messe München GmbH      IMAG GmbH
  • Co-organizers
    Itec_klein      Nasati_klein
    ITEC                                     NASATI
  • Supporters
    • Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST)
    • Research Centre for Environmental Technology and Sustainable Development
      (CETASD), VNU University of Science, Hanoi
    • Vietnam Analytical Sciences Society (VASS)
    • Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Association (VUSTA)
    • Ministry of Health
    • Ministry of Trade and Industry
    • Ministry of Training and Education
    • The Delegate of German Industry & Commerce Hanoi (AHK)
    • Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI)
    • Chemical Society of Vietnam (CSV)
    • Vietnam Metrology Association (VINAMET)
    • Association of Laboratory Equipment Manufacturers and Traders in France
    • GAMBICA Association Ltd.
    • German Hightech Industry Association (Spectaris)