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Whether you prefer an inexpensive or a luxury hotel: Our service will help you find perfect overnight accomodations for your visit to analytica Vietnam.

Concerning your upcoming stay in Hanoi during analytica Vietnam you find here our hotel recommendations. The list of official hotels including all terms & conditions can be found here for download.

  Hotel list analytica Vietnam (PDF, 487 KB)

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Jewel tours is a professional local travel operator, whose head office is based in Vietnam. Jewel Tours is the official travel agent for analytica Vietnam, and provides package tours, tailor made tours as well as hotel bookings for customers coming to Vietnam.


Head office: 18th Floor, VTC Online building, 18 Tam Trinh,
Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel.: +84 (0) 43 974 6373; +84 (0) 43 974 6376
Fax: +84 (0) 43 974 6374
Email: info@jeweltours.com

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Ms. Regina Rothe
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