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analytica Vietnam‘s related events

The events in our practice-oriented supporting program promoted the direct transfer of knowledge. They offered the opportunity to exchange ideas and information face-to-face with international experts.

Buyer Seller Forum

Face to face meetings between buyers and sellers were taking place as part of the 'Buyer Seller Forum' aimed at offering a conductive business environment for business buyers.

Special Show Lab Safety

Special Show "Lab Safety"

Visitors who attended the special show on "Lab Safety in the Workplace" experienced explosive demonstrations and received valuable tips from safety professionals.


Tutorial at analytica Vietnam 2017


The practice-oriented tutorials imparted highly topical know-how for laboratory use.

Exhibitor Forum

Exhibitor Forum

The exhibitor forum during analytica Vietnam 2017 was the ideal platform for exhibitors to promote their latest techniques and newest products.


Seminar VinaLAB

Seminar by VinaLAB

Like in 2015 the Vietnam Association of Testing Laboratories (VinaLAB) offered a practice-oriented seminar. This year's topic was "Testing activities socialization – opportunities and challenges"